What is the ABLE Act?

The structure of government entitlement programs puts individuals with disabilities and their families in a difficult situation. The programs discourage these individuals from earning and saving money since doing so may jeopardize their eligibility for critical public benefits. Here are a few avenues to consider to mitigate that risk. I. The ABLE Act In December [...]

What is the ABLE Act?2017-11-02T12:39:57-04:00

What Can Parents Do To Address School-Based Anxiety

Question: My 15 year-old-child suffers from school-based anxiety and has already accrued multiple absences this year due to her anxiety surrounding school. Although my daughter has an IEP, the school thinks that she just doesn't want to attend school, and the only solution they offer is to send the truancy officer to our home. If [...]

What Can Parents Do To Address School-Based Anxiety2017-10-26T12:47:32-04:00
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